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News & Updates

News & Updates

2018 Medicare Costs

Posted on January 11, 2018 at 3:30 PM

CMS (Center's for Medicare & Medicaid Services) has released the amounts of the 2018 Medicare Parts A & B Deductibles, Co-pays and Premiums.

Part A: Hospital Benefits

Premium (if you don't qualify for "premium-free" Part A): $422 / month | Premium (If you have 30 quarters of Medicare credits): $232 / month

Deductible (Days 1-60) = $1,340 | Co-pay (Days 61-90) = $335 / day | Co-pay (Lifetime Reserve Days) = $670 / day

Skilled Nursing Facility Co-pay (Days 21-100) = $167.50 / day

Part B: Medical Benefits

Premium: $134 for New Medicare Beneficiaries & Medicare Beneficiaries that were new in 2017.

Deductible: $183

Higher Income Earners will pay more for their Part B & Part D premiums. To see the levels and premiums, please visit by clicking" target="_blank">here.

Source: Medicareful Living" target="_blank">

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